Cross-Country Skiing near Gstaad

The many peaceful mountain valleys surrounding Gstaad are ideal for cross-country skiing. Multiple tracks lead into pristine natural areas, inviting skiers of all levels.

Whether you’d rather cross-country or skate ski, you’ll find your path here: try the hidden Turbach route or ski over frozen Lake Lauenen.

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Special Offers for Cross-Country Skiers

No matter whether you’re training for a ski marathon, testing your limits on the Glacier 3000, or putting in an extra session at the Schönried-Saanenmöser’s night skiing area, the Saanenland region has it all.

Gstaad is a world-class cross-country skiing region with 14 different runs for classic and skate skiing. Dog lovers can also enjoy skijoring or dog sledding at Saanenmöser and Schönried or nighttime cross-country skiing in Schönried.

The moorlands at Sparenmoos are a natural jewel high above Zweisimmen at 1,600 metres. Skiers thrill to panoramic views of the Bernese Alps, and can follow a valley ski run from Zweisimmen along the rushing Simme river towards St. Stephan and Lenk.

The Gstaad holiday region is one of the top cross-country skiing destinations in the world. Its total of over 175 km of ski tracks, lit nighttime skiing, skating tracks, and high altitude Glacier 3000 runs makes it a prime location for any ski fan. Gstaad has very reliable snow coverage and high quality instruction and services for skiers. Ski runs are groomed and opened as soon as possible every year.

Find our what top skiers already know - runs in the Saanenland region near Gstaad are among the most beautiful in Switzerland.

Scenic Tours for Cross-Country Skiers Near Gstaad

Schönried/Saanenmöser, Turbach, Lauenen and Gstaad/Gsteig: four of the five valleys in the Gstaad region, as well as the Sparemoos moorland near Zweisimmen, offer scenic tours for cross-country skiers and skaters of all levels. Chalets, romantic forests, and gorgeous mountain panoramas enrich your spirit as you test your endurance. The Glacier 3000 ski area is a highlight of the region, and is one of the few winter sports destinations in Europe offering a preseason cross-country ski track. Ambitious fans of Nordic sports come here for early season high-altitude training runs.

Cross-Country Skiing on the Glacier

The track is approximately 6 km long and 3,000 m above sea level, covering the whole surface of the Glacier de Tsanfleuron. It is one of the only cross-country skiing areas in Europe in the summer months, offering a well-groomed track for skiers and skaters from June to December. Many professional cross-country skiers and biathletes train here in a challenging mountain panorama.

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