The History of the Chalet Hotel Gstaaderhof

Doris and Jost Huber came to Gstaad at the end of the 1970s, and quickly became directors of the new Chalet Hotel Gstaaderhof. The Gstaaderhof was opened on the site of an old sawmill in 1980, and the site was previously home to the last grain mill of the Saanenland region. The names of our two hotel restaurants reflect this history: “Müli” derives from the German word for “mill” and “Saagi” from the German word for “saw,” recalling more rustic times.

Countless guests have enjoyed the hospitality and atmosphere of the Hotel Gstaaderhof since its opening. Doris and Jost Huber enjoyed such success here that they purchased the Gstaaderhof in 1991, allowing them to manage and expand the hotel according to their own tastes.

Doris and Jost Huber’s four children have been involved in hotel operations from an early age. Christof, their youngest son, followed in his parent’s footsteps by taking over the family business at the end of 2014 with his wife Konstanze. Today, the Chalet Hotel Gstaaderhof is in its second generation of family operation - and remains as committed as ever to guest satisfaction and excellent service.