Have your Conference in Switzerland
at the Gstaaderhof Hotel

Are you looking for a Swiss hotel to host a conference or seminar? Our 4 star hotel is located in the idyllic Bernese alps, an ideal backdrop for your event. Hold your meetings in our brightly lit and purpose-built conference rooms. The Gstaaderhof hotel offers comfortable accommodations for seminars, conferences, and workshops for up to 50 people.

Take advantage of the friendly ambiance, delicious local cuisine, and varied activities Gstaad has to offer. Your participants will find ample opportunities to recharge after sessions in a natural environment. GstaadÔÇÖs alpine views are the ideal inspiration for focusing concepts, finding collaborative solutions, and beginning creative projects. Visit us, and see how our exquisite mountain landscape will stimulate your team - have your next seminar in the Saanenland region. A beautiful natural environment and a relaxing, hospitable community await you.

We are happy to help you plan and develop a successful, creative conference. From accommodations to catering and a variety of social events - let us handle the details, allowing you to focus on content and serve your attendees.

When would you like your Swiss conference to begin?

Social Programs at the Gstaaderhof,
your Swiss Seminar Headquarters

Your conference will be most productive if accompanied by an appropriate social program. The staff of the Hotel Gstaaderhof in the Bernese Alps is happy to support you in selecting winter or summer activities to augment your conference with cultural or team-building activities. You can choose from snowshoeing, winter golf, igloo building, or sleigh riding in winter. In the summer, you might select a hike with picnic, skeet shooting, river rafting, a concert, or a breakfast with a local mountain farmer.

And these are only some of your options - ask us what our staff can recommend for your seminar. We are happy to help you organise a social program according to your individual needs.

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